Feng Shui can be complicated when trying to make an existing home flow correctly, however, when designing a new home we can position rooms in the correct coordinates and relationships to each other.  For instance, Feng Shui does not suggest placing a toilet over the kitchen.  Nobody wants to hear the sound of flushing overhead while preparing an evening meal for guests.  I have learned so many tips working with my Chinese clients that I now really enjoy figuring out how to get all the check box's ticked for a great home design that has proper energy flow.  The home should be a place where we go to recharge and be able to take a moment to breathe.

Wood finishes are a personal favourite when I want to create a sense of warmth in a home.  The visual and tactile nature of wood draws us in and creates a need to touch and see if its real.  My personal fascination with the material started in my childhood where I grew up in a log home in Northern Alberta.  I can remember countless times walking along the walls with my hands gliding along the majestic timbers while the sun warmed my face through a window.  I'm looking forward to seeing this trend manifest in 2018.